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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 7, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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fighting to keep the doors of education open. the future of a bay area high school and two elementary schools is on the line. and tonight, the city council is voting on whether too keep the schools open or shut them down for good. kron4 looks at why the schools could be closed and what students will do if they are. kron4's jonathan bloom joins us live with tonight's top story. >> well, pam, the meeting is still going on inside richmond city hall. there have been 44 members of the public who have spoken, overwhelmingly in support of the schools. now, the council is
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deliberating and could vote at any instant. incouncil is expected to overwhelmingly approve the giving of $1.5 million to the school district to keep those schools open and that will be very good news. >> shutting the doors to our school will be shutting the doors to the futures and educations of our students and our communities. >> reporter: students and parents packed the chambers to voice their disapproval for the planned closure. >> this is unprecedented. this will be the second time in the 100-year history of this district that a high school has been school and shuttered down. >> reporter: school board member charles ramsy blames the state for cutting tens of millions from the budget. the school voted last year to school elementary schools, and kennedy high. >> it's real evidence that kids don't do as well when they get moveet to the larger school. in chicago, they found that the dropout rate doubled, reading
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scores went down. >> reporter: that's why he proposed giving the school district $1.5 million from the city's general fund. the plan had its conceptics. >> other districts are able to balance their budgets, we expect ours to do the same. >> reporter: but eve fellow council members agreed to vote for the plan, provided the school district can promise not to come back asking for more. >> they've got to come up with a long-range plan. i'm not going to be an atm machine year after year after year, bailing them out when we have a problem, problems and projects in our own city that we have to deal with. >> reporter: rogers says the $1.5 million is a good investment. >> one of the things that makes a good city is having kids that are educated, they're in school, they're in programs that happen near their homes, they're not in the streets getting into trouble. that's what the public cares about. >> now, while the school district says it does not at this point have a concrete plan
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to keep from coming back to the council asking for money again, there are several things on the table. the district has said that it could go to the public asking them to pay more property taxes. it could enter into sharing agreements with the city, or it could just hope that the legislature in sacramento gives more money to education in years to come. live in richmond, kron4 news. meanwhile, nearly 40 students in nevada will have to transfer to different schools. there was overenrollment in the district at the beginning of the year in the classes. several of those classes ended up with more than 20 students and the state penalizes districts when too many students end up in one class. >> for every student over 20, you pay $1,050. we lose that money. we lose that money as a penalties from the state. i think some people fight go
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it's $40,000, can't we make everybody happy? there's not $40,000 to eat. >> the district says it did not overenroll and says there were too many last-minute registrations. the district says if spots do open up, children will be allowed to move back to their schools. it was an emotional day, both in and outside the courtroom as the man accused of shooting police officer todd young faced a judge. andrew barrientos is facing charges for allegedly shooting officer young in oakland during an arrest attempt. the suspected gang member is charged with ten felonies, including attempted murder and car-jacking. we were there today when barrientos entered the courtroom. >> reporter: the man used of shooting freemont police officer todd young entered the courtroom, it was filled with these freemont police officers, 70 of freemont's 180 police officers came to show their
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support. barrientos was wearing a red jump suite, hands shackled at the waist, and he tried to make eye contact with three family members, but it had to be difficult to see them in the police officers. barrientos spoke briefly with his attorney, who had this to say about the case. >> i will say that our deepest best wishes go out to officer young and his family during this recovery. whether this turns out to be an intentional shooting of a police officer or a tragic misunderstanding on the streets of oakland remains to be seen. >> reporter: freemont police chief says his cops do not believe there's any misunderstanding in this case. >> the suspect did wrong. i believe he did wrong, and he'll face the consequences of that act. we want the law to work its way through the process as it was
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designed. i'm confident. >> reporter: the judge told barrientos there's no bell in this case, and that his arraignment will be held over until next week. in oakland, kron4 news. >> meanwhile, officer todd young remains in serious condition at highland hospital in oakland where he has been since he was shot on august 27th, and the american red cross says that it has seen a 50% increase in blood donations since that shooting. temperatures were much cooler today. we saw windier conditions, and the cooler weather will continue into tomorrow. widespread fog expected tomorrow morning at 7:00. that fog is going to clear in a different way out there tomorrow. so it's going to start to push south of the golden gate by noon. we'll see mostly sunny skies into the 3:00 hour, but temperatures cooling in 5 degrees of what we saw today. winds are going to be on the breezy side, so a cool day, with temperatures 57 along the coast to 73 in our warmest inland
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spots. we do have some warming, though, expected into the weekend. details on that coming up in a bit. massive flames burning thousands of acres and homes. a huge wildfire now shows some signs of slowing down near boulder colorado tonight. an update on the situation, plus how firefighters are trying to gain the upper hand on the flames when kron4 news returns. as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created.
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the search for a missing man continued for a fifth day today. he's one of five people believed killed. investigators carefully combed threw a landfill again. >> right now, this landfill is the biggest lead hercules searchers have. it's been two weeks since he was last seen 11 just days before his father was killed. for five days, search and rescue crews, most of them volunteers have been carefully, and
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meticulously searching through the trash. >> they were determined, and they're all in good spirits. they want to help the family. they want to provide answers. >> reporter: police ended up at this landfill, because it's where the trash from the north shore business park is found. last week, police found this car at the park that was driven by -- he also used to work at a business in the park. a thorough search of the business park provided no clues. but the trash had already been removed. so for the past five days, search and rescue crews with hard hats and thick gloves like you see here have been sifting through 1 acre of trash. >> once we're done here, if nothing comes up, we will continue to work with the family and talk to friends. >> reporter: it's such a massive area they're searching in this landfill that it's possible crews may have to be here through friday, continuing
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just in to the newsroom. we go back to richmond where a decision has been reach on whether or not to close schools. we have the latest. >> pam, just moments ago, the city council voted unanimously to save the three schools that were on the chopping block. that includes grant elementary schools, and john f. kennedy high school, all three of which were slated for closure due to budget problems. the town and city will be appropriating $1.5 million giving that money to the school district to keep those schools open, on the condition that the school district keep as way to keep those schools open in the future without asking for more
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money. kron4 news. temperatures much cooler out there today. look at our high temperatures, mainly in the 60s and 70s, although we did have a couple of places in the 80s. 81 in antioch, 84 -- but temperatures schooling dramatically in oakland and hayward, upper 60s there. also much cool recall in conquered, which were in the 70s. temperatures down as much as 24 degrees this afternoon. it was 24 degrees cooler in san francisco. down 24 degrees in oakland, 23 degrees in hayward. we're going to see continued cooling as we move into tomorrow. a very cool pool of air is going to be sliding over the bay area tomorrow. we're going to see windy conditions as this moves through, and the way it's moving through is going to keep our sea breezes impact. it's going to lead to widespread fog overnight. 59 in san francisco, 64 in
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oakland, 65 in hayward. so down a few degrees of what he saw today. inland spots down quite a bit, 68 in livermore, down 12- degrees and 69 in san jose. we're already seeing fog push in south of the golden gate. at 6:00 tomorrow morning, you'll notice that's where the widespread fog stays. it's clearer up to the north. well, as that cold air we just talked about moves in overhead, it helps mix out the marine layer, so at 9:00 in the morning, starting to clear down the peninsula. and that will continue into the noon. the good news is after tomorrow's cooldown, we'll start to warmup as we head towards the end of the week. temperatures on friday reaching 82 degrees inland, but they're going to level out there and stay 5 degrees below average. colorado governor has declared a state of emergency as a wildfire continues to rage out of control northwest of boulder. nearly 100 structures have been
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destroyed. at least half of which are homes. we have the latest. >> reporter: this is just one of more than 90 structures that has been destroyed since the wildfire broke out on monday in a -- in tinder dry canyon. since that time, 300 firefighters have been unsuccessful in air efforts. so far, there is no containment and the fire has charred 7100 acres or 11 square miles. >> well, priority right now is making sure that the public is safe, that the firefighters are safe, and that we're dedicating the resources we have available too continuing to try to save the homes. >> reporter: this video shows just how thick the plume of smoke is. so thick that it grounded a squadron of firefighting planes until the afternoon. for home-owners, it's a waiting game to find out whether their homes still stand.
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some have already heard the bad news. >> at least nine firefighters while actively fighting the fire lost their homes, and that's a testament to the commitment and the bravery, and the dedication of the folks while they're out saving someone else's home, their home is burning down. >> reporter: so far, 3,500 people have been forced to flee hair homes, and it will be at least two days before they can return. kron4 news. tonight's headline in detroit is not wildfires, but fires started by downed powerlines. at least two dozen homes have gone up in flames in three neighborhoods. some caused by dead tree limbs falling onto power lines. winds up to 50 miles per hour knocked out power to 113,000 homes and businesses. more calls for a church to drop plans to burn copies of
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the quran. the plans have been called idiotic and dangerous. yesterday, general david said the plans could endanger u.s. troop said. tropical storm hermine how heads north as it drenched texas with up to a foot of rain, knocking out power to tens of thousands. forecasters now expect what's left of hermine to move on to oklahoma and kansas. well, the a's try and close the gap on the rangers in the american league west while the giants remarkable late-season runs continues in arizona. gary has all the highlights in spots coming up -- sports coming up next. i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks]
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all right. good evening everybody. the giants keep going towards the postseason. here we go at arizona tonight and aubrey huff in a big, big slump. but on his way out. a couple of hits yesterday, his 23rd home-run tonight.
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it is 2-0 giants. tim lincecum, last outing real good, tonight, a fabulous start, perfect through four innings, 11 strikeouts for lincecum, retired 17 of the first 18. and huff , doing a little bit of everything with a quick rereflexive. lincecum got beat up, six and two thirds, three runs, 11 strikeouts, freddy sanchez going the other way. see it again to watch him make a real nice play and the giants are cruising from here, nice play by the arizona fan and then pat burrell , his 14th home-run as a giant. here's a guy they picked up on waivers, and he's done nothing but good stuff with the bat in his hand. giants 6, arizona 3. giants are one game back. >> the way timmy is looking now, he's trying to get it going. i know he looked really sharp
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early, and it's starting to look like we've got the timmy back that we're all used to. >> all right. giants with zito , one more in arizona and then four games in san diego. texas loses again in toronto. the a's a chance to move within six games in the american league west. left for dead after they were swept four games yankees stadium. the a's hanging on by a thread, and casey to left field and the seattle mariners who aren't very good at all, a 1-0 lead. ichiro does it again, braden gave up five runs in the 2nd inning, five innings, nine hits, six runs his final. mariners win 7-2. a's stay seven games behind the rangers. tiger woods will represent his country at the rider cup. there's been that speculation that corey paven might go in another direction and hey, after finishing 11th in yesterday's
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deutsche bank classic, woods had to be selected and more to the point, nbc is televising this thing, they'll get three times more audience if tiger woods is there. so tiger will represent his country, and he's still, despite all the trouble, the number-one ranked player in the world. venus williams, what's wearing, why do they let her get away with it? 76, 64, she advances. venus owns save grand slam titles with a chance to win number 8, especially with sister serenea sitting this one out. it's cute, the girls all show up for each other's matches, and i'm a williams sisters fan. a lot of people have a problem with them, but you wear whatever you want what you perform like them. 2005 will not have a heisman
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trophy winner. yahoo sports says the heisman trophy committee is going to take away the award given the reggie bush. we've been going over this for months, but reggie's family had a very, very nice house given to them by someone who wanted to be reggie's agent. when he turned pro. he dumped that agent, didn't pay him back that money, the agents sang, and he's going to lose the heisman trophy 2005. while beth -- rothilousburger, another man is going to start for the tealers -- steelers. but indeed, this kid from san leandro is going to get a spot in the nationals. stanford's win over sacramento state has put stanford at number 25 in the a.p. bowl. alabama beat up san jose state
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so they're number 1, and there you go, pam, you're back, and that's your college football. >> that's poll? >> our poll at this hour. >> have a good night everybody. we'll see you tomorrow. pr hey stainbusters, my son loves pizza but this was a first - grease on his back ! i totally missed it, another shirt ruined. good thing the expertise of spray n' wash is combined with the power of resolve in our new in wash stain remover. only resolve has stainseekers. just treat the stains you see and add to the wash for the ones you miss. the stainseekers will find,
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